A Review of Functions of Employment Lawyers London!
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Employment lawyers are those who examine labour issues between employees and employers. They are involved either in litigation or settlement agreements.

The scope of their functions

For prospective employees, employment lawyers London offer their services in clarifying the terms of an employment contract offered to help such person in what to negotiate.

For employers, they offer drafting of employment documents. They help in understanding the scope of an employer’s obligations and the changes in employment laws.

In general, employment lawyers London specialize in the following areas:

In a Settlement Agreement, they help an employee to analyze if there is an adequate compensation involved because acceptance of such plays a vital role in waving their claims against their employers. These lawyers study if a restrictive covenant (non competition clause) is beyond what is permitted by law. Their involvement ensures a fair outcome for both parties.

Justifiability of dismissal is one of their concerns. They review if a dismissal is confined to reasons provided in employment statutes. If an employee has been in employment for two continuous years, security of tenure of tenure is already achieved and he cannot be dismissed without reasonable and justifiable cause. As such, they identify if there has been an unfair or constructive dismissal on the part of an employee.

Grievance machinery also involves employment lawyers in London. If an employee has a grievance that can still be settled amicably, a lawyer may act as an arbitrator for the parties involved. Provided there is a positive outcome a lawyer may help prevent the filing of a claim in an employment tribunal.

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